Products for Ocular Prosthesis

Scleral White Acrylic Polymer

Scleral White Polymer

Acrylic Polymer (Old age Yellow)

Acrylic Polymer (Baby Blue )

Acrylic Clear

Canthal Pink PMMA

C l ear Corneal Buttons with Pupil

Aluminium Buttons

Black Discs

Semi finished Iris buttons

Green Polishing Bur


Color Pigments (Set of 8 colors)

Color Pigments Individual

S S Flasks

Plungers Type 1

Impression Gun

Impression Material(Set of 2pc + 12 tips)

Impression Tips Set

White Ocular Wax

244 Polishing Compound


Buffing wheel hard for Lathe

B uffing wheel soft (4 inc h) for Lathe

Buffing Wheel Mandrill

Impression Tray Set (set of 10)

Plungers Type 2

Vertex Multicure

Sirio Hydraullic Press